Industry collaboration

Eppendorf tubes

We work closely with our partner institutes, companies and government organisations to develop novel bioprotection tools and solutions based on our fundamental research.

Our research uses New Zealand pest, pathogen and weed systems rather than generic models, so it can help solve challenges that are specific to this country.

If you are interested in working with us to develop a new bioprotection solution please contact Prof Travis Glare.

Finding new bioprotection solutions

Our experts are working with the following companies to develop new bioprotection tools and solutions:

  • Agrimm Technologies – Kiwivax™ a rootzone drench for kiwifruit with benefits for disease resistance and plant growth, Tenet® for control of white onion rot, Sentinel® for control of Botrytis cinerea.
  • Biotelliga – biological controls for diamondback moth and other pests.
  • Ministry for Primary Industries and Landcorp – Integrated pest management for manuka beetle.
  • Grand Perfect Malaysia – forestry bioprotection.
  • Miscanthus New Zealand Limited – enhancing ecosystem services for biofuel feedstocks.
  • Seed industry Alliance – Innovative seed technologies developed in the Seed Research Centre.
  • SNAP Fresh Foods – enhancing ecosystem services for salad leaf production.
  • ZESPRI – fungal-based solutions to control Psa in kiwifruit.

Innovative bioprotection

We are working closely with commercial partners, often through our partner organisations, to apply our fundamental research to solve dynamic pest, weed and pathogens problems in New Zealand and overseas. Find out more about some of our latest research and industry collaborations in Bioprotection solutions.