Māori research

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We work with Māori leaders from our partner institutes and other CoREs to preserve and develop traditional Māori bioprotection knowledge. Māori-focused research is integrated into each of the Centre’s research themes while some projects may overarch all three themes.

Māori Advisory Rōpū, Champions and Research Associates

Māori Advisory Rōpū is a group made up of the Centre’s Māori board representative (to be confirmed), Māori Champions, Māori Research Leader and community representative(s). The Māori Advisory Rōpū aim to ensure Māori are represented at all levels within the Centre and that the Centre upholds its obligations under the Treaty of Waitangi. It acts as an advisory board when research with a Māori component is being considered.

Māori Champions

The Centre supports a team of Māori Champions who aim to:

  • support the Centre’s Theme leaders to investigate areas of joint research and benefit to bioprotection and Māori
  • champion research to communities and ensure dialogue between all partners
  • support and mentor Māori and Pasifika students
  • develop networks for Māori researchers in Te Ao Pūtaiao
  • support Centre researchers and students to understand mātauranga Māori and engage with Māori communities.

Our Māori Champions are:

Māori Research Associates

The Centre supports and is supported by a team of Māori Research Associates who aim to:

  • Investigate areas of joint research and benefit to bioprotection and Māori
  • support the development of research bids that embed mātauranga Māori into bioprotection

Māori postgraduate student scholarships

The Centre and its partners have a number of scholarships available for Māori studying science at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. For further information on these scholarships please contact our Māori Research Leader Melanie Mark-Shadbolt.

Māori high-school students

The Centre is actively engaged in Māori specific outreach including hands-on workshops held every year at Lincoln University for Māori secondary school students.

At these workshops Māori students meet with Māori scientists, engage in hands-on experiments and learn about the world of 'Māori science'.