The Bio-Protection Research Centre focuses on fundamental research into natural, sustainable ways of protecting New Zealand from plant pests, diseases and weeds.

Our research programme has an emphasis on the challenges facing productive ecosystems from climate change, environmental disturbance, intensification, and emerging threats to biosecurity. The research is divided into four key themes:

Theme 1. Evolutionary biosecurity
Theme 2. Pathogen specificity
Theme 3. Enhancing biological control
Theme 4. Ecosystem networks

He whenua ora, he tangata ora - Healthy land, healthy people

Our aim is to enhance knowledge of productive plant ecosystems, and the pests and mutualists that coevolve with them, creating ‘he whenua ora, he tangata ora’ (healthy land, healthy people).

We are building a bicultural approach to bioprotection by integrating mātauranga Māori values and ensuring the wellbeing of Māori through the preservation and protection of natural resources within their rohe (territory).

Centre research