Ecosystem networks

Wilding pines
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We will investigate the complex interactions between plants, insects and microbes, and how they can affect the success of invasive species.

Project 6. Achieving bioprotection in New Zealand ecosystems

Using novel combinations of environmental DNA metabarcoding, network theory, and plant-soil interaction methodologies we will determine how the structure of interaction networks influences the success or failure of weed invasions and bioprotection interventions.

This project will test the role of interaction networks in:

  1. resistance to invasion
  2. response to invasion, and
  3. ecosystem resistance and response to manipulation.

Project 7. Māori bioprotection: do fragmented kauri ecosystems facilitate pathogen spread?

This project will test whether disrupted interaction networks within fragmented forest and abiotic soil changes associated with agricultural intensification facilitate the establishment, rapid adaptation, and subsequent spread of the pathogen causing kauri dieback.